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VPS Virtua-1
1 CPU Core
30 GB Storage
$12.00 / month

VPS Virtua-2
1 CPU Core
50 GB Storage
$20.00 / month

VPS Virtua-3
2 CPU Cores
70 GB Storage
$36.00 / month

What Actually is VPS web hosting?

Usually, guaranteed resources and root-level access are available with dedicated web hosting, but SCI Webhosting server virtualization technology allows them to offer rather moderately priced virtual private servers that cost less than a dedicated hosting web server. SCI Webhosting VPS web hosting infrastructure is truly one of kind. Each hardware node is an enterprise-grade physical server machine offering 2 x Opteron 6128 8-core processors, up to a hundred and twenty eight GB of DDR3 ECC reg. memory and numerous high-performance 600GB SAS HDDs in a RAID 10 configuration.

Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian Operating Systems

SCI Webhosting offers a number of OSs (Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian). There is an array of hosting Control Panel options available with the all VPS server web hosting plans offered by SCI Webhosting. The customers can choose between DirectAdmin, Hepsia and cPanel, and while the popular cPanel hosting Control Panel is available as a paid option, the cost-free Hepsia web hosting Control Panel is recommended for those searching for an intuitive fully featured Control Panel.

A Cost-Free Control Panel

If you compare the cPanel CP and SCI Webhosting's Hepsia CP, you will notice that the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel looks better and works markedly faster. Another major upside is that, in contrast to cPanel, everything is well organized and users can carry out multiple tasks. With Hepsia, you will be able to administer all your domains, mails, files, etc. from a single location. This Control Panel is not only easy to use, but it also offers domain name registration and transfer options – something, which is not offered by the cPanel web hosting Control Panel. Furthermore, the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel offers in-depth statistics, the Varnish Cache web application accelerator and the Memcached distributed memory caching system, a full set of database administration tools for your MySQL and PgSQL databases, a single-click PHP script installer and more.